Small Child Resistant Tin Cube

Brand: Custom printing Feature: Certified Airtight child-resistant Material: 0.23mm tinplate Outside size: 32x32x32mm Inside size: MOQ: 5,000pcs Usage: mints or jellies Extra working: butter paper, display box

Products Details

This child resistant version is the same as Gen2 from appearance. It applies special elastic tinplate with complex process for tin body to form this stable child resistant tin cube. There are two slots in lid locks the rolled inside bottom, pushing and lifting lid is the only method to open this tin cube. Designing the child resistant mechanism in lid will ensure no deformation when opening or close this tin cube, three pieces structure ensures this child resistant feature that can be applied all the size, lid-bottom seperating version ensures jellies can be packed directly.

This small child resistant tin cube passed US child-resistant certification. It's the new structure - same as Gen2 version, but there is no hinge and child resistant mechanism tranfers to lid area. Comparing the Gen2 tin, this child resistant tin needs the hard tinplate material on lid to hold rolled inside edge of tin bottom and it consists of the special child-proof tin version - Pushing&Lift that is the first feature on the maket.

This child resistant tin version is designed for jelleis packaging that belongs to totally new child-proof structure. The inside size 1.16"x1.16"x0.9" packs 10 mini jellies. Usually, 25pcs tin cube will match a display box as promotional example.

The brand can be customized. The classical artwork with attractive printing and high-quality feel of embossing beats the heart of customers. To start your high-end products from a custom tin packaging.

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