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Metal Packaging Industry 2018: Innovations and Sustainability Unite!
Metal Packaging Industry 2018

With the advent of modern packaging solutions, the metal packaging industry has undergone massive changes in the past decade. From tin cans and beer bottles to aerosol cans and packaging boxes, this industry has expanded its horizons and adopted cutting-edge production techniques that have made it the go-to choice for packaging solutions.

Innovation – The Heart of Metal Packaging Industry

At the heart of the metal packaging industry lies an unrelenting drive for innovation. Whether it’s the use of new metal alloys, the introduction of lighter and stronger design elements, or the implementation of futuristic production techniques, innovation has played a key role in driving the growth of this industry.

One of the biggest innovations the industry has seen in recent years is sustainability. By embracing sustainability, metal packaging companies have not only reduced their environmental footprint but have also demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility.

Sustainability – The Future of Metal Packaging Industry

For years, the metal packaging industry was criticized for its high energy consumption and carbon emissions. However, in recent years, the industry has gained a renewed focus on sustainability. By adopting sustainable practices such as recycling, reducing waste, and utilizing renewable energy sources, the industry has made significant progress in reducing its environmental impact.

Apart from that, metal packaging is inherently sustainable as it can be recycled and reused infinitely. In fact, the recycling rate for metal cans in the United States is 71%, which makes it one of the highest recycling rates of any packaging type.

Additionally, metal packaging has a unique benefit of preserving the contents for an extended period. This attribute makes it ideal for food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products, as they require shelf life extension.

Production Techniques – The Key Driver of Innovation

While innovation and sustainability have brought about significant changes, it’s the production techniques employed by the metal packaging industry that makes these changes possible.

One of the production techniques that have enabled the industry to make strides in innovation and sustainability is the use of automation. Automated production lines not only allow for greater consistency in product quality, but it also minimizes the chances of damage during the production process.

Another key driver of innovation is the use of an Industry 4.0 approach. Leveraging digital technologies such as robotics, data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industry 4.0 approach has allowed the metal packaging industry to collect real-time data and process it to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Trends – The Metal Packaging Industry Keeps Evolving

The metal packaging industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of changing consumer behavior and preferences. One of the emerging trends in the industry is the shift towards small packaging formats to meet the increasing demand for on-the-go consumption.

Another trend that has been gaining momentum is personalized packaging. Metal packaging manufacturers are leveraging digital printing technologies to create individualized packaging, thereby increasing brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

In conclusion, the metal packaging industry has come a long way since its inception. Through innovation, sustainability, and the use of advanced production techniques, this industry has transformed itself to meet the demands of the modern world. With emerging trends, the industry is poised to keep evolving and remain relevant for years to come.